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Fetishes is something that fascinates me, specifically in the sense of the human condition… or perhaps a human condition. Before I completely trip over myself while trying to sound like a smartass let me explain what I mean.

We all look quite similar, human beings that is. I mean sure we have different skin colours, different shaped noses, eye colours and so forth but that is all subtle. We are all intended to have a body, a head, two arms, two legs, you know, pretty much identical in basic design.

But then comes our likes and dislikes and while one could go with you love colliflower while I hate it and I love seafood while you hate that, that is just boring. Fetishes is where it is at.

I have a friend who has a thing about women’s feet. That fetish is rather common as far as fetishes go and I do not get it… at all. But then when asked what it is that turns me on so much about women who sport a bush, I couldn’t tell you specifically. It just does it for me.

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