How adult online dating can make you more self-aware

 divaNude online dating may seem like a very foreign concept to people who are looking to reach higher levels of consciousness. In fact, it’s very tempting to think that these two concepts are like water and oil. They simply don’t mix. Many people are convinced that they are 180 degrees opposed to each other. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, adult online dating is all about indentifying potential sex partners, communicating with those women, and fucking them. It’s all about sex. If you look at a lot of spiritual and philosophical literature going back thousands of years, you would realize that a lot of mystics, ancient scholars, philosophers, and spiritual teachers equate sex with higher levels of consciousness. It’s very easy to why this is the case.

You see, when you have sex with somebody you met via an adultdate, you enter a physical intimate space. You are physically inside somebody. You can’t get any more private than that, but besides that there is a tremendous opportunity for emotional connection. In that time that you are penetrating that woman and you are physically inside her, you become one body. Her breath becomes yours and her heartbeats become yours. You are dancing with your body and this releases a tremendous amount of heat and energy especially when you look straight into each other’s eyes.

There is a specific spark specially triggered by the female orgasm that can lead to higher levels of consciousness. I’m of course talking about emotional connection. If you have ever felt along, misunderstood, or awkward, that moment when you climax together you’d feel that somebody for once in your life totally gets you.

This is the gateway to higher levels of spiritual attainment because once you reach that feeling of unity, the universe opens up because you are able to connect with another creature who, like you, is a prisoner of flesh, you are able to connect with higher forms of being. It’s no longer just you alone in the universe, but you are connected to other people who are going through that same experience through time. Also, animals have sex and you’re connected to the natural world as well.

It’s no surprise that there’s a tremendous amount of spiritual literature that factor in sex. You might think that Christianity is completely opposed to sex. Well, you might want to read “The Song of Solomon” and I strongly believe you’d change your mind. There is a strong sensual element there.

Explore this aspect of sex. You’d be surprised how it can help you become not just more physically aware, but also self-aware at many different levels.

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