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When you think of how you watch porn today, it’s probably evolved a lot from what it would have looked like about 15 years ago. Sure, the jerking off is about the same, but I know I used to have to run to the adult video store for DVDs to find some quality films. Which of course meant I was paying out the ass for one DVD, and using it over and over again, hoping that no one stumbled across my porn stash in my home. 

More lately, I’ve been subscribing to niche sites, giving me content that satisfies my unique desires. At least I don’t have to worry about hiding it, it’s discreet and the quality has definitely improved. But I often find I’m juggling multiple subscriptions or skimping on variety.

Or at least I was until I decided to get 67% off Adult Prime with our discount link. A streaming service much like Netflix, but for hot xxx videos, the quality and quantity is phenomenal. You can stream a massive collection of films from top studios all in one place, for less than I used to pay for just one DVD!

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